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Medicinal herbs for US consumers

How Americans view medicinal herbs?

Two decades ago, alternative medicine is not important compared to western medicine. But now, that changes. Americans now are often seeking natural herbs for their illness.

How much? About 22 billions dollars each year

Most consumers like you often seek herbs to treat varieties of illnesses like obesity, loss of sleep, infertility, and stress.

But why people like you can me turn to these herbs for treatment? There are many reasons but 1 of them might stand out: your fear of side effects from prescription drugs. But what do you really know about herbs?


Your education about herbs

The sales of herbal remedies are skyrocketed, as more people are more open-minded to alternative treatments. But what consumers know about herbs didn�t increase that much.

Why would you go to Rite aid or Walgreen to buy an herbal supplement? Could it be that a friend mentions it to you because it works for her or him? Most likely.

That was before, before there are countless of books on natural medicines with substantial scientific evidence to back up the claims.

Now you don�t need to rely on words of mouth anymore, you can go out and search for accurate and reliable information on books as well as the net.

Why is this important? Because you are different from your friends. The same herb may work for her, but not for you. So research carefully and ask you doctor (who is more opened to Oriental medicine) for advice.


Herbal remedies and FDA

Herbal products are listed as �dietary supplement� and thus the FDA doesn�t examine them as strictly as medical drugs.

As consumers like you prefer self-treatment, you are more likely to prefer over-the-counter herbal supplements. The market is lucrative as more domestic and foreign countries produce massive quantity of herbal products into US.


Herbal medicines are introduced into US by 4 ways:

1. Herbal products can be marketed as food.

2. As prescription drug

3. As dietary supplement

4. Or over-counter medications (for self-treatment)

Major companies like Bayer or Warner Lambert can certainly afford to advertise their products as drugs if they can pass the challenge imposed by the FDA to prove the effects of their products with expensive and extensive research.

Other smaller companies can�t afford to do so. Thus they would label their products as food or supplements. Most the herbal products contain what they say they do. But a small fraction may get pass FDA�s watchful eyes.

So whether you purchase your herbal products from big or small companies, you must always read the label carefully. Talk to your doctor if there is anything wrong.

Just remember, medicinal herbs are beneficial if you use the right herb and the right dose for your conditions. If not, they can cause side effects just as prescription drugs.

Take care of your health,

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