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Why is Tea the healthiest drink of the East?

"If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you." Gladstone, 1865

Tea ceremony 45

Tea drink has originated from China more than 5000 thousands years ago. This drink gradually evolves from a simple beverage to quench your thirst into one of the most healthiest drink in the East. (Picture: �Photographer: Itsskin | Agency: Dreamstime.com)

When you have first heard about this simple drink, your mind probably think about its health benefits right away. It�s true that this drink is very healthy and its health benefits have been and still are widely studied.

As you are browsing through this site, you will not only begin to understand how tea affects each organ in the body but also so much more about this wonderful drink. But first, to satisfy your curiosity, here are some of the major health benefits of this healthy beverage:

* Reducing the risk of developing heart attack by influencing the level of LDL

* Enhancing the immune system- essential antioxidants and vitamins

* Retarding cancerous cell�s development

* Decreasing the risk of tooth decay - essential fluoride

* Strengthening the bone and tooth-calcium and vitamin D

* Slowing the aging process of skin cells

* Improving digestion etc...

* Recent research are focusing on the EGCG benefits on ovarian cancer, obesity, and Alzeimer's Disease...

The health benefits of this drink is mostly due to the way the plants are grown. The plant, which is commonly known Camellia Sinensis, are greatly controlled to provide the perfect and most healthy leaves.

You might have heard of many different kinds of tea, as I used to call it the T- rainbow ,like green, red, black, white, yellow, and oolong. With different names like this, you would think that they came from different plants. But it�s actually No. These are all came from the same plant, they are just processed differently.

Since green tea is so extensively studied, you might have doubt about the health benefits of the other kinds. Don�t limit yourself. The health benefits are generally the same since they all came from the same plant.

The reason people often talk about green leaves is because it is the most ancient and common drink. Scientists have more data about green tea than any other teas. This greatly helps in the research since data collection is quite consuming.

When browsing the web, you may find bits of information about this simple drink here and there. So I have created this site to share with you interesting and useful information about this wonderful drink. I have included numerous articles on health benefits, on each variety, many delicious recipes, fun ideas for party, and exciting traditions around the world.

I have also included a short anecdote about my childhood and tea. It�s actually these experiences with this simple drink that create the T-enthusiast I am today. So enjoy a little story.

As I said above, more studies are conducting on the benefits of this drink and more recipes and ideas are discovered. Thus I will update the site frequently to provide you with the best information about this drink as I can. So check back regularly for your T-updates.

You can use the RSS feed on your left under the navigation bar to keep in touch with the site. If you subscribe, you will be notified as more information is added to the site. You can click on the �What�s an RSS feed� to read the instructions on how to subscribe.

Below are only some of the articles are in this site. Each button on the navigation bar will lead you to more useful articles.

As you will learn a bit more about this simple drink, I hope that you would consider adding this healthy drink into your life. Just try it and you might like it.



Tea history: from beginning to the end
Tea history : a journey that explains the existence of this wonderful drink in every corner of the world.

Tea plant that produce all teas
It's the mother tea plant of all tea. The varying colors such as green, black, white, yellow, and Oolong are due to differences in processing methods of the tea leaves after being plucked.

Green tea - want to learn more?
Green tea is very well-known for its health benefits. It's widely studied in Western medicine recently.

Bitter black tea - what is it and why it's so popular in the West?
The most unique trait of black tea is its bitterness. Want to know why it's very popular in the West?

What are white tea benefits?
Ancient people realized White tea benefits quite few centuries ago. Western medicine has now acknowledges the benefit of white tea through formal reasearch.

Wu-long tea
Are you familiar with wu-long tea (sometimes called Oolong)? Not know much about it? ...Let me help you!

What is Chinese red tea?
Chinese red tea has strong and bold taste. Find out what's the difference with the other teas?

Flowering tea - mixture of tea and flowers
Compare to green tea, black tea, and oolong tea, flowering tea is one of the less common tea.

Ice tea and 9 delicous recipes
Including 9 delicious ice tea recipes. One of the reasons that Americans love cold tea more than hot tea probably because cold drink is better with the foods.

Instant tea - quality?
Interesting information on the emergence of instant tea and tea bags

Herbal tea
Information on varieties of herbal tea such as Rooibos, Yerba mata tea, lavender, ginger...

What are tea nutrients?
After being processed, most of the natural compounds are still reserved in tea leaves. The amount of these helpful tea nutrients depend on the extent which the leaves are processed.

Tea and green tea benefits journal
Information on tea and green tea benefits on the heart, the digestion, the mouth, breast cancer in women, and prostate cancer in men...

Green tea to lose weight? Facts or myths?
Studies have shown that many people have successfully use green tea to lose weight. Some part of it depends on your metabolism.

Green tea side effects - what you need to know before drinking tea
There are several green tea side effects that you probably want to know. Not only green tea, but other tea also can cause these side effects. Since green tea is unfermented, it may contains more of t

Tea and cultures around the world?
Exploring the relationships between tea and cultures around the world to realize the forever-changing tea' s way of life. Although tea was first discovered in China, tea starts to spread around the wo

Brewing green tea
Useful information on brewing green tea, storing tea, blends of tea...

Types and Blends of tea
Information on different types and blends of tea such as Ceylon, Yunnan, Jasmine, and many more....

Buying tea online tips?
Tips for buying tea online so you can get the best tea for your money.

Ideas for tea parties? Informal, formal, romantic, children theme?
There are many ideas for tea parties. Pick a theme and go with it. Want some help to get start?

How can tea helps digestion?
Before going into how tea helps digestion, it's a good idea to go over some important information on the human digestive tract.

Gout green tea
Anwers to what is gout green tea and how green tea helps relieve gout.

Green tea cream
Information on the making and production green tea cream -- including a recipe for home-made tea cream.

Confusing about tea grades? Here are some help
When you shop for tea, you will want to know how is the tea is graded from high quality to low quality. Here are some very useful information on tea grades.

Storing tea: how to keep your tea fresh longer?
Here are some tips for storing tea to keep the tea from changing its taste:

Iced tea recipes - 9 delicious and refreshing choice
9 delicious iced tea recipes for your party including: orange peel iced tea, iced tea punch, lemon balm ice tea, blackberry iced tea, minted ice tea, and many more...

What are green tea varieties?
Quite a handful! But here are some more popular green tea varieties to get you start! But remember, this tea is graded by quality.

What are the effects of tea on dental cavities?
We are surrounded with high-sugar containing foods like sodas, cakes, ice cream. Learn more about the positive effects of tea on dental cavities.

What is Chinese tea plant Camellia ?
Care to learn more about the biology of Chinese tea plant Camellia Sinesis?

Tea recipes for tea parties?
There are numerous tea recipes for tea parties. Everyone who host a tea party will want to surprise their guests with new and flavorful tea recipes. Including 9 delicous ice tea recipes...

Want more tea sandwich recipes?
You have chosen several delicious tea recipes, beautiful tea sets, and nice settings for the party. Forget something? How about some delicious tea sandwich recipes?

Tea games: Reading tea leaves - add some fun into your tea party
Reading tea leaves is one of the most fun among tea games at tea party. So how did the tea fortune tellers read the tea?

2 delicious tea recipes: Apple Cider and Minted tea recipes
Here are only 2 delicious tea recipes. But wait, there are more delious recipes for tea, ice tea sandwiches, party ideas for adult and children...

2 delicious tea recipes: Russian tea and Vanilla Milk tea
2 delious tea recipes: Russian tea and Vanilla tea. There are even more flavorful tea and iced te recipes for you to choose.

Want to know more about herbal tea benefits?
herbal tea benefits come from benefits of each of these herbs, flowers, seeds, and roots ... that are infused like tea.

Energizing Yerba mata tea?
Yerba Mata tea is one kind of herbal tea. It is sometimes referred to as Brazilian tea. This tea is a popular drink in South America.

Senna tea - a comfort in a small cup of tea
Senna tea is made from the plant Senna. Its scientific name is Cassia Species.

Rosehips tea - an infection cleaner
Rosehips tea is made from rosehips herb. Other names of this herb is Dog Rose and Sweet Briar

Sassafras tea - cleansing tea
Sassafras tea has other names such as cinnamon wood and saxifras.

What's Decaf green tea extract?
Information on how decaf green tea extract were produced and how decaffeination can affect the taste.

Want a more formal tea party? How about Japanese tea party?
Japanese tea party is a very interesting theme. This theme can help your children learn about a new culture while having fun at the same time.

Look at the moon! Want to have a full-moon tea party?
: It�s night time and the moon looks so round and beautiful. Your children want a tea party. Invite some friends and have a full-moon tea party

Kids tea sets - provide golden opportunities to spend time with your children
I have two daughters and they used to love kids tea sets. Looking back now, those pretending tea parties were the golden opporunities to spend time my daughters...

Want to become a royalty for a day? How about a princess tea party?
A princess tea party is reserved for your little girls only. But you can twist the theme a bit to make it a royal tea party, where princes, princesses, kings, and queens, are all invited.

What�s the effect of tea on lung cancer?
Before going into the effects of tea on lung cancer, let�s find out what causes this deadly cancer.

How can tea affect cancer cells?
In the mean time, we should look for alternative method that can decrease the risk of cancer. Let�s try to see how tea affect cancer...

Helpful Resources
Helpful links to enrich your knowledge on alternative health and other natural products

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My story with tea
My story with tea starts when I was a young boy living with ten siblings and my parents in a country side in Vietnam...

Green tea chicken sandwiches?
Green tea chicken sandwiches can be a refresh to your ordinary sandwiches. This recipe is great for individual serving or for small tea party.

Okinawan tea, is it the tea or the habit?
When people first hear of Okinawan tea, they immediately think that this is a special type of tea. But it's not so...

What is Essiac tea?
Essiac tea is a kind of herbal tea that was first created by Indians belonged to the Ojibway Indian tribe.

What tea equipments are needed to brew a decent cup of tea?
Tea equipments such as tea caddies, timers, and tea pots are a few things that are needed to make that wonderful cup of tea.

Yixing teapots - why are they so popular?
Yixing teapots are now in great demand. The famous Chinese Gong fu tea ceremony requires this particular teapot

What are tea tree benefits?
This is not tea drink. Tea tree oil comes from a different plant. But there are many tea tree benefits that you may want to know...